AgriKidsNZ Club

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Great Fun! Great Prizes! Great Kids!  AgriKidsNZ is a fun filled skills-based competition aimed at kids that like to get out there, get involved and get their hands dirty.

Every year, hundreds of children from all over New Zealand compete in seven Regional Finals – all vying to make it to Grand Final. The day starts off with The Prelims where competitors compete against the clock to finish a number of different challenges. The top seven teams then progress onto the fast paced Race-off where they race each other through a series of tasks, obstacles and problem solving activities. The first three teams at each Regional Final are invited to the Grand Final which is held in conjunction each year with the ANZ Young Farmer Contest.

While the skills tested and taught are agriculturally focused children from all backgrounds will enjoy the AgriKidsNZ Competition as it’s a great way for them to get outside and get active with their friends – all they need to bring is determination and enthusiasm.

Website: AgriKidsNZ