Ballance Farm Environment Awards

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The key objective of the awards is to display to farmers that profitability need not compromise environmental values. Indeed, past winners of the awards have shown that the environment can be both restored and enhanced under profitable farming systems.

The awards help farmers enhance their businesses in a number of ways. Past participants have highlighted the following benefits from taking part in the awards:

  • The awards offer an opportunity to link sustainable farming practices to long-term profitability
  • The awards give farmers a chance to discuss practical aspects of farming with the judges, and to benefit from their knowledge
  • The awards allow farmers to listen to the ideas of other entrants and to see the different approaches they take
  • The awards can confirm that your current farm management practices are actually sustainable
  • The awards offer the opportunity to gain both prizes and recognition

The awards look at whole farm systems and strongly promote the positive. All entrants to the awards receive detailed feedback from the judges, who are chosen for their knowledge of both farming and the environment. Regional winners are profiled in a wide range of media and events. The judges aim to celebrate the positive actions taken by entrants, rather than to criticise. Overall, the aim of the awards is to encourage other farmers to be more proactive in their resource management by providing them with role models for sustainable land management.

Website: Ballance Farm Environment Awards