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Discussion groups

Discussion Groups enable farmers to share ideas and gain new ones to help grow their businesses, they're also a valuable networking forum

Forums for like-minded farmers, Progression Groups have been developed for those who want to enhance their skills and career options: There are two groups to choose from: Biz Start and Biz Grow.

Biz Start

Biz Start has been designed to meet the needs of farmers in the lower order sharemilker, herd manager and farm manager positions that are looking to progress in the dairy industry. Sessions will focus on building business and people management skills to equip them for senior level management positions, or owning or running their own farm business.

Biz Grow

Biz Grow has been designed to meet the needs of farmers in sharemilker and equity partner positions that are looking to speed up their progression in the dairy industry. Sessions will focus on strategic, financial and performance management skills and resources to equip participants for greater equity holding or owning their own farm business.

Visit Website: DairyNZ's Progression Groups

INDUSTRY SECTORS: Real Farmers … Real Issues … Real Solutions; Federated Farmers represents the broad spectrum of the rural community, with seven industry groups representing the specific interests of Meat & Wool, Dairy (including sub-groups for Variable Order Sharemilkers and Variable Order Sharemilker employers), Arable, Rural Butchers and South Island High Country.

Each industry group has its own governance structure. Industry group councillors hold regular meetings to discuss issues, policy and solutions relevant to their industry sector. Each industry group is represented by a chairperson and a provincial representative who lead experienced, knowledgeable farmers in dealing with matters that impact on the business of farming. The industry groups are made up of real farmers who have a sound understanding of the sector challenges and who have access to the Federation’s advocacy resources and the key industry decision makers.

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