GrowingNZ Innovation Challenge

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This fast-paced, one-day competition is for teams of Year 10 students with an interest in Technology, Science or Business. The Challenge requires students to apply their subject knowledge and build a prototype solution to a real-life situation being faced by one of New Zealand's largest export industries. It is based on the principles of learning by doing, design thinking and industry engagement. It includes a strong alignment to Levels 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum for Science, Technology and Social Sciences. In 2017 it is being held in five centres: Wellington (9 May), Christchurch (31 May), South Auckland (14 Aug), Central Auckland (15 Aug) and Tauranga (29 Aug). There is $200 worth of prizes at each centre; teams of 4 and maximum 8 per school; lunch provided for students; optional to drop teams off and pick them up later. There is no fee for participation. (This new event replaces the EPIC Challenge.)

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Young Enterprise Trust, on behalf of GrowingNZ and DairyNZ

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