Leadership experience

Nothing replaces experience to grow your leadership skills. Here are some industry organisations that have a range of leadership roles.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand supports the sheep and beef sector’s future leaders by investing in a range of leadership programmes. Along with other organisations, we fund training to help you reach your leadership potential.

Website: Beef + Lamb New Zealand Leadership Programmes 

DairyNZ funds a range of programmes aimed at enabling dairy farmers realise their leadership potential.

Click here to learn about DairyNZs involvement in Human Capability and Leadership Programmes.

Click here to read about Building Dairy Environment Leaders (BDEL).


Meet other dynamic farmers, politicians, industry leaders and policy advisors and gain practical, hands on, experience - learn and practice critical thinking, presenting and strong influencing. Be a team leader.

Federated Farmers understands the importance and benefits of training as an integral part of furthering your personal development and growth of your agriculture business in New Zealand.

Level One Course: 2 days
This course designed for people not currently active in a leadership role, but who are thinking of getting more involved in the future. The aim is to inspire and excite you with the tools to lead and influence others. The participants learn and practice engaging with policy people, decision makers and politicians. They investigate issues, gather relevant data and present the case. It is all about experiencing what it is like to actually do the advocacy and lobbying.

Website: Federated Farmers

NZYF is a progressive and dynamic social network for rural youth which develops the leadership and personal skills of its members through participation and achievement. 

NZYF is a nationwide network of Clubs; members have regular meetings and organise social events and activities for their Club and sometimes the wider community.

There are great leadership and personal development opportunities within NZYF. Members run professional meetings and have the ability to become a chair, vice-chair, secretary or treasurer of their Club.

Members gain organisational skills from running various activities and events that reflect their interests and widen their career skills as they develop and grow in their chosen profession. They also gain a social awareness by raising money for their Club or charities within their community and the country.

Website: www.youngfarmers.co.nz

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