Making your way in the primary industries is all new for you - but others have been there before. Mentoring programmes can put you in contact with an experienced person who will help you to get good information and act as a sounding board.

The Rural Mentor programme is a new and exciting initiative which is designed to offer mentees guidance, support, encouragement and personal development through a confidential partnership with an appointed mentor.

The Rural Mentor programme is a two-way partnership that is designed to help build knowledge, skills and confidence in the mentees to enable them to develop and achieve their career and business. Mentors have the opportunity to give back to the industry and share their knowledge and experience. Mentors also further develop leadership skills, have their business practices challenged and extend their networks.

These win:win partnerships have positive spin-offs, not only for the individuals but for the wider industry, creating industry leaders and longevity in people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the industry.

The programme was launched in the Waikato/King Country, Canterbury and Southland regions in 2009. A range of dairy and sheep & beef farmers are involved with both organic and conventional farms catered for.

Website: Rural Mentor

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