There's a future for every talent in our innovative food & fibre sectors.

Our Working Groups

Our working groups are an important part of PICA’s work. They help us structure and execute our work programme. Composed of our members’ staff, their input and contributions are important and much appreciated.

Schools’ Careers Working Group

The secondary schools working group aims to:

  • Increase the understanding in school communities of the importance of New Zealand’s primary sectors, and;
  • Attract talented people into primary sector careers to meet current and future capability requirements.

We are pleased to also have representatives of the Ministry of Education and Careers New Zealand on this group. They provide valuable connections and input.

Marketing and Communications Working Group

This working group focuses on the marketing and communication of PICA and its brand GrowingNZ. Representatives from various members collaborate to strengthen GrowingNZ’s messaging, marketing channels, and promotional collateral.