Sheep and beef Monitor Farms

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Designed to contribute to increase productivity of 3% per annum on sheep and beef farms with lower inputs and more sustainable farm systems; the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Monitor Farm Programme is one of the world’s most successful agribusiness programmes.

How the Programme Works
Local community groups select a facilitator and Monitor Farmer who is relevant and applicable to the local region, both geographically and in the issues being addressed by the farm business. A business plan is then developed and implemented along with associated monitoring plans for 3-4 years.

The Benefits
The programme continues to attract excellent community participation and interest. Since its inception some 125 individual monitor farmers have passed through the programme with an estimated 20,000 farmers cumulatively involved through community groups, receiving newsletters or attending field-days. The estimated benefit to farmers is in excess of $150 million since the programme began.

Website: Monitor Farms