South Island Farmer of the Year

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The South Island Farmer of the Year competition acknowledges outstanding and innovative farm management practice and farmers’ contributions to leadership in land-based production. The competition is open to every farmer in the primary sector – dairy, sheep, deer, arable, horticulture and viticulture – as long as farms are a viable commercial activity in their own right.

Past winners of the competition have shown that they are in the top grade in their field. They have demonstrated leadership and creativity in developing new products or practices that have advanced or is advancing farming in New Zealand.

In the course of the competition, judges assess each written application and visit each property prior to announcing the finalists. Each finalist is visited a second time and a more detailed assessment of their property and books is carried out before they present their entry at a public forum at Lincoln University – from where a champion is selected and announced.

Website: South Island Farmer of the Year

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