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This is the beginning of a GrowingNZ directory of primary industry-related resources for teachers. 

We invite teachers and careers advisers to select an activity to get involved in and get an insight into the opportunities that exist for young people in the primary industries.

This fast-paced, one-day competition is for teams of Year 10 students with an interest in Technology, Science or Business. The Challenge requires students to apply their subject knowledge and build a prototype solution to a real-life situation being faced by one of New Zealand's largest export industries. It is based on the principles of learning by doing, design thinking and industry engagement. It includes a strong alignment to Levels 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum for Science, Technology and Social Sciences. In 2017 it is being held in five centres: Wellington (9 May), Christchurch (31 May), South Auckland (14 Aug), Central Auckland (15 Aug) and Tauranga (29 Aug). There is $200 worth of prizes at each centre; teams of 4 and maximum 8 per school; lunch provided for students; optional to drop teams off and pick them up later. There is no fee for participation. (This new event replaces the EPIC Challenge.)

Click to view the Innovation Challenge flyerPresented by:

Young Enterprise Trust, on behalf of GrowingNZ and DairyNZ

To get further information or to book, email: support@youngenterprise.org.nz

This is a work experience programme that is designed to meet the needs and interests of students, schools and employers. It offers the opportunity for students to experience work settings in a manner that is manageable for schools and businesses. It is based on a carefully researched programme structure. This format was developed and is being used with success in the United Kingdom and Australia. It has been piloted in New Zealand and is ready to go.

Presented by:

See the Work Inspiration website

Futureintech Primary Industries Ambassadors are available to visit primary and secondary schools. They are early-career professionals working in the primary industries who can talk about their career experience in a relatable way that is useful for teaching and learning. They may include a hands-on activity. There is no fee.

For teachers: Visit formats & Examples database  

Presented by:

The Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ). The Ministry for Primary Industries helps fund the Ambassadors programme.

Teacher home page - for online booking

This is an event for teachers in day-out format, helping them learn about career opportunities in the primary industries. Roles right across the value chain are showcased. These are regional events, run once a year. There is no fee.

“Thanks for an excellent day out.”  “Thanks for showing me the career options available to my students and how accessible they are.” Teacher feedback, Wellington, November 2015

Presented by:

New Zealand Young Farmers in most regions & DairyNZ for Wellington
info@youngfarmers.co.nz or for Wellington: susan.stokes@dairynz.co.nz

10 experience days are held around the country for Year 12 students showcasing careers within agriculture, including off-farm roles. These include interactive hands-on activities and feature high-quality presenters. Held in Term 1 (March and April). There is no fee.

Funded by DairyNZ and Beef + Lamb NZ.

Presented by:

New Zealand Young Farmers 

getahead@youngfarmers.co.nz or check the Get Ahead webpage closer to the time to register online www.getahead.co.nz

This is a one-hour presentation about primary industries careers in a format suitable for large school groups such as assemblies. There is no fee.

Presented by:

Lincoln University and DairyNZ

North Island Schools
Susan Stokes, DairyNZ - Industry Education Facilitator   susan.stokes@dairynz.co.nz

South Island Schools
Jaime Thomson, Lincoln University Student Liaison Manager, Jaime.thomson@lincoln.ac.nz

GrowingNZ is participating in major public career expo events around the country, presenting information about primary industries careers. In addition, GrowingNZ can arrange a suitable presentation for a secondary school career event. Please contact us at least 4 weeks ahead. There is no fee.

Presented by:

GrowingNZ (Primary Industry Capability Alliance), working with its members
michelle.glogau@growingnz.org.nz or phone 027 4577 531

Teachers can arrange to bring students on to a Lincoln University campus (either at Lincoln or Telford) for an introduction to their programmes and to find out about relevant careers. There are also opportunities to hear a lecture or attend a laboratory session at Lincoln University.

Presented by:

Lincoln University
outreach@lincoln.ac.nz or phone 0800 10 60 10

www.telford.ac.nz or phone 0800 835 367

Gateway placements are an opportunity for senior secondary students to get an insight into potential roles, and through this programme they also work towards sector-related standards.

Presented by:

Primary ITO
Paul Bau, School Liaison Manager, Primary ITO

Secondary schools can collaborate with tertiary providers and local employers to assist a student to complete primary industries sector-specific standards through a trade academy. The programme includes industry visits in Year 11 and in Year 12 an industry placement one day per week. Places depend on regional availability.

Funded by the Ministry of Education.

Presented by:

Taratahi, Wairarapa:  www.taratahi.ac.nz

Primary ITO: www.primaryito.ac.nz

National Trades Academy in Christchurch: www.nta.co.nz

Hokonui Trade Academy

- offering days at Telford, Balclutha, www.telford.ac.nz 
or phone 0800 835 367

There are opportunities for secondary students looking for further education to improve their employment prospects to try a taster session with a tertiary provider. During the taster, they have a go at activities, develop a good understanding of what it is like to live and learn on the campus and meet other like-minded young people.

Presented by:

Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Wairarapa
info@taratahi.ac.nz or ph 0800 TARATAHI

The Wairarapa campus taster costs $100 for four days. Regional tasters are free.

Telford – a division of Lincoln University, Balclutha
For information and application forms see www.telford.ac.nz or ph 0800 835 367

The Camps are held on three dates in the second half of the year and cost $90 for four days (including accommodation, meals and airport transfers).

GrowingNZ Doors poster
This is a poster suitable to go up in school careers offices and classrooms, presenting opportunities in the primary industries. It is A2, portrait format. The viewer is invited to go to the GrowingNZ website where they can access information about each door and links to career information. There is no charge.

Presented by:

GrowingNZ - an initiative of the Primary Industry Capability Alliance

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