"My favourite parts of my role are maintaining relationships with customers, studying global markets and travelling the world."

- wool exporter

Case Studies

Real people with real jobs. Get inspired with stories from people working in our innovative food & fibre sectors.


Alexandra Allan, Chief Executive

Amy Watts, Veterinarian


Angelene Jones, Forest Operations Student

Athol New, Operations Manager

Beth Hampton, Research Assistant

Caleb Highman, Catchment Engagement Leader

Callum Bisley, Farm Assistant

Charlotte Irving, Agriculture and Resources Economist

Christopher Poole, Contract Milking

Claire Douglas, Herd Manager

Clare Buchanan, Farm Environmental Consultant


Dave Maslen, Global Partnership Manager


Ellen Ashmore, Food Chemist

Emily Crum, Orchard Manager


Erica van Reenen, Agricultural and Environmental Consultant

Esraa El Shall, Ice Cream Innovation Manager


Hannah & Jeremy, Sheep and Beef Farmers

Harepaora Ngaheu, Contract Milker

Harriet Gardner, Shepherd

Hayley Hoogendyk, Farm Manager

Jana Cornes, Veterinarian

Jemima Snook, Graduate Accountant


Joanne Booth, Agricultural Field Representative

Jordan Biddle, Stock Manager


Kam Chadderton, Veterinarian explorer


Karla Bradley, Pipfruit Manager

Kyle Wills, Nutrient Specialist Intern

Laura Buckthought, Sustainable Agricultural Advisor

Laura Keenan, Agronomist

Lauren Woolerton, Graduate Mobile Rural Consultant

Luke Williams, Harvesting Coordinator

Mark Gasquoine, Sustainable Agricultural Advisor

Matthew Benton, Farm Consultant


Matt & Sam, Dairy Farmers

Melissa Stephen, Genetic Evaluation Developer


Mike Bolton, Farm Assistant


Nita Harding, Veterinarian


Pauline Edge, Forest Management


Phil Hulme, Professor of Plant Biosecurity


Quarantine Officers

Richard George, Forage Plant Breeder

Rosana Palliser, Business Analyst

Ryan Cosgrove, Wool Exporter

Ryan Lett, Area Manager and Product Specialist

Sam Tietjan, Orchard Manager

Samantha Robinson, National Fodder Beet Technical Specialist

Stacey Belton, Agricultural Consultant

Steven Hartley, Orchard Manager


Susan Taylor, Business Analyst

William Halliday, Veterinarian