"Studying an agricultural degree has provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge that I'm now using every day in my role."- Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Science major.

Taratahi Food and Fibre: Taster Camp


Career Weeks

Career weeks are being offered for people to experience life on the land at Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre (Wairarapa), and decide whether they want to learn more about working in the agricultural sector. The career weeks are free, including meals and accommodation.

A range of flexible options, or taster camps, are available to introduce you to the food & fibre sector. The training is done at Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, and you’ll visit local farms, work with industry professionals and learn what kind of career lights your fire and suits your strengths. A range of subject options are offered throughout the year depending on the season and the needs of the industry.

Courses range from 2-days to 6-weeks duration.

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