There's a future for every talent in our innovative food & fibre sectors.

GrowingNZ Teachers' Day Out 2020

From wood processing to innovative dairy farms to aquaculture ventures, our GrowingNZ Teachers' Day Out in 2020 provides the opportunity to explore the diverse range of career opportunities and pathways in our innovative food & fibre sectors. GrowingNZ Teachers’ Days Out will be hosted in seven regions across the country.


Grassmere Dairy / Rural Innovation Lab
Dairying for the future

Pāmu Cheltenham Downs
Sheep & beef farming

Ernslaw One, Santoft Forest
High-tech forestry


Rukumoana Farms
Sheep & beef farming for the environment

Dairy Trust Taranaki
Dairy research

High-tech wood processing


Mt Alford Station
Regenerative sheep & beef farming

Midland Seeds
Arable cropping research

Pencarrow Dairy
Dairy farming for the environment

Hawke's Bay

Pan Pac
High-tech wood processing

Maraetara Farm
Sheep & beef farming for the environment

New Zealand Wool Scouring
High-tech wool cleaning

New Zealand Wool Testing Authority
Wool certification


Grant Brothers Partnership
Award-winning sheep & beef

Zonnevelds Farms
Regenerative dairying

Drysdale Hydroponics
Diversification in horticulture

Bay of Plenty

Forestry research

Holdem Dairy
Innovation in dairy

Highland Station
Sheep & beef for the environment


Waikopani Holdings
Farming diversification

Northland Marine Research Center
Aquaculture research 

Lynwood Avocado Nursery
Avocado propagation


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