There's a future for every talent in our innovative food & fibre sectors.

Impacted by Covid-19?

Opportunities in the food & fibre sectors for career changers

Growing and processing food are essential services. New Zealand needs talented people in jobs right now to help feed Kiwis and people around the world. If COVID-19 has impacted on your employment, our innovative food & fibre sectors will welcome your skills and experience. From seasonal job opportunities to longer-term career opportunities - there’s a role for every talent.

Immediate-start job listings

Work the Seasons

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Where your existing skills can take you

Here are some articles that will make you more confident in transferring your skills to a new career.

Job Hunters' Workbook

Your transferable skills can take you anywhere

Future careers are skills-focused

Where your hospitality skills can take you

Looking to add to your skillset or qualifications?

Here are some providers that offer specific bridging programmes into a career in the food & fibre sectors. For more study and training options, visit our Study + Training page.

Farm Ready Training

Agri Training
Rural Retraining Foundation Skills

Winter Pruning Training

Agricultural Contractor Training

Food and Fibre: A Career on the Land
Career Weeks

Considering a long-term career in the food & fibre sectors?

If you’re looking for a long-term change in career or lifestyle, check out the various career opportunities our food & fibre sectors have to offer on our Careers page.

Success stories

Find out about people who successfully changed careers into the food & fibre sectors.

Joan Lang
Quality and Value Coordinator

Adam Hussey

Steven Hartley
Orchard Manager


Dairy Farmer career changers