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Government agri-industry service encourages more rangatahi to join food and fibre sector


18 Jun 2021

Original story and video at Te Ao Māori News

The Careers and Education Hub at the Mystery Creek Fieldays in Hamilton was started in 2016 and is dedicated to showcasing careers in the primary industries in a fun, interactive and engaging way, with a focus on rangatahi.

GrowingNZ is hosting the hub and its vision this year is to inspire a new generation that will build New Zealand’s economy through both traditional and newly evolved careers in the sector. GrowingNZ's Deborah Lynch says that they have many initiatives in which they encourage rangatahi to get involved in the industry.

“Our mission is to essentially inspire the next generation of people to come and work in the food and fibre sector,” she says.

The opportunities in the industry reach far beyond what many people think of when it comes to the food and fibre sector, Lynch says. Many of these are support networks that are critical for the success of that dairy, forestry, and fisheries.

“There’s the traditional dairy farming but then there are also the support services that go around it so like the scientists, the engineers, the rural consultants.

“They are the ones who are supporting those that are on the front line so to speak.”

Original story and video at Te Ao Māori News