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A Workforce Development Strategy for the Cotton Industry

Author: Ord, Ross; Nettle, Ruth

Organisation: AgriFood Skills Australia

Published: July 2015

Country: Australia

Research type: Report, Qualitative, Quantitative.

This is the Cotton Workforce Development Strategy and Action Plan for 2015-18. It is based on a substantial body of high quality research, case studies, skills’ needs assessment and focus groups across the industry. This has resulted in a broad picture of the significant capability gaps and challenges facing the industry in terms of maintaining enterprises’ human resource capacity, systems and skills to meet various challenges. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that the cotton industry has the people with the right skills, experience and capabilities to drive industry competitiveness now and through time. The scope of the strategy is limited to on farm capability and capacity. It considers educational and training systems and supply chain issues only to the extent that they impact skills and labour availability on-farm.