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Agricultural education and employment for the future

Author: Rowarth, Jacqueline

Organisation: Primary Industry Management

Published: June 2014

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

There are great people in agriculture, and we have some terrific younger generation members who are bright and motivated to achieve, coming through the pipeline from school into the workforce. However, they are very few in number in comparison with others in their age group. Anybody in agriculture now is clearly unusual. Our challenge is to understand the majority mentality to be able to attract a greater proportion of the younger generation into the industry which provides the foundation for existence. Top people feel encouraged in the workplace, and they spread the word to others about the influence they have in making the world a better place, as well as the personal benefits. ‘Come this way’ is the message. Recruitment increases from the schools and tertiary education, with training institutions creates a vibrant, well-informed and capable workforce that leads New Zealand primary production and processing forwards.