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Agriculture training and education - Spoilt for choice but is it hitting the mark?

Author: Sheppard, Melonie

Organisation: Primary Industry Management

Published: March 2014

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

As an employer of farm staff in New Zealand we are spoilt for choice for training and education options for new and current employees, with more offerings on the boil. However are they hitting the mark and resulting in the productivity our agriculture sectors aim for? For many years we have had access to basic training in skills such as riding an all- terrain vehicle or using a chainsaw. These are critical skills for all farm staff to master. Recently, government-led changes have placed greater expectations on industry training organisations and training providers to more clearly align their products and services to industry strategies. At the same time industry bodies such as Beef + Lamb, the Deer Industry and Young Farmers have recognised the role they need to play in educating farmers if we are to have a productive and sustainable industry. From the days of the Federated Farmers cadet scheme we have seen more technical, farm, business and people management training evolve. Today there are few roles, experience levels or required skills on-farm where an employer is not able to obtain formal training as a stepping stone to meeting the need.