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Agritech Industry Transformation Plan

Author: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Organisation: Agritech New Zealand

Published: July 2020

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

This document captures an overview of the agritech sector in New Zealand and outlines a series of actions to accelerate its growth.

Agricultural technology, or agritech, is an area of signifcant interest for New Zealand. Historically, agritech has been predominantly valued for its input into New Zealand’s food and fbre sectors and as a key driver for increasing productivity, quality and sustainability across the entire food and fbre production and supply value chain for New Zealand. Agritech is central to driving more effcient land use and management for better environmental outcomes spanning water quality, reduced methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions; both domestically and across export markets.

While the above remains true, it is also clear that our strong food and fbre sector and expertise in this area represents an opportunity to grow the agritech sector as an economic driver in its own right, particularly as an export industry. This is the primary reason why the sector has been selected as a priority area under the Government’s refocused industry policy.

Through this Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), the Government aims to provide the agritech sector with the support to accelerate its growth, attract necessary investment, increase commercialisation of New Zealand agritech intellectual property (IP), address global opportunities and increase exports, develop needed skills and address regulation and data interoperability issues.