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BCITO Workforce Development Plans

Author: BCITO

Organisation: BCITO

Published: June 2017

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

The construction sector is reaching crisis point - demand for new homes and other builds is at unprecedented levels, but there are not enough people to meet that demand. If collective action is not taken now, there is a real risk that the sector will not be able to meet future demand, and there is a strong possibility of negative consequences in terms of timeframes, quality, and perception. BCITO is leading a significant Workforce Development project to support construction industry businesses and employers develop a workforce that has the capability and capacity to meet current and future needs. The project focuses on the next five years but also seeks to address longer-term labour market issues. After considerable industry consultation, three key areas were identified that each sector needs to focus on to develop the workforce: getting the right workforce; running businesses effectively; developing skills and valuing qualifications. Workforce Development Plans for each of the 15 sectors were developed, outlining: the challenges the sector is facing; the key things the sector can do to respond to these challenges; and actions the sector can take to make a difference.