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Does Workplace-based Industry Training Improve Earnings?

Author: Crichton, Sarah; Statistics New Zealand

Organisation: New Zealand Department of Labour

Published: September 2009

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report, Quantitative.

This report forms one of the initial outputs from a project between the Ministry of Education, the Department of Labour and Statistics New Zealand looking at the employment outcomes of tertiary education (EOTE). In recent years, workplace-based industry training has been growing at a faster rate than other forms of tertiary education and training. Government and industry have substantially increased their investments in industry training. However, there is not much information available on whether training improves participants’ skills, productivity, and labour market outcomes. This report examines the labour market outcomes of employees who left industry training during 2003-05, by comparing earnings and employment post training with earnings and employment prior to and during training. Using a new dataset constructed for the Employment Outcomes of Tertiary Education Feasibility Study (Statistics NZ, 2009) that assessed whether tertiary education and training data could be linked to Statistics New Zealand’s Linked-Employer Employee Dataset (LEED).