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Emerging technologies in agriculture: Consumer perceptions around emerging Agtech

Author: GHD; AgThentic

Organisation: AgriFutures Australia

Published: August 2018

Country: Australia

Research type: Report

Emerging technologies have already proven be a key driver in the future sustainability and profitability of Australian agriculture. With the sector likely to continue to increase its reliance on new technologies over the short to medium term, it is important to understand what the likely implications from consumers will be, and whether there is a role for industry and others to proactively engage with consumers in this space. This report contributes to better understanding the substantial impact that consumer perceptions can have on the adoption of agricultural technology throughout the value and supply chain, especially as it relates to the top ten transformative technologies in agriculture. It provides an updated and expanded assessment of the top ten emerging technologies across the agricultural sector to examine the real and perceived barriers to technology adoption, and to ensure the agriculture industry is well-equipped to maintain social licence.