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Evaluating the effectiveness of support interventions for adult dyslexic learners in New Zealand’s multiple learning environments

Author: Ako Aotearoa; Styles, M; Farrell, M; Peterson, L; Mikdekker, M-E; Agnew, L; Boss, D; Silvester, M; Borren, H

Organisation: Ako Aotearoa; Primary ITO; The Skills Organisation; ServiceIQ; Capital Training; Whitireia New Zealand; Petersen Consulting

Published: October 2018

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report, Qualitative.

An evaluation of the interventions designed to benefit dyslexic learners, helping them navigate the education system and into the workforce as fully functional and highly successful members of our community. The review outlines multiple support strategies reported in the literature, from a range of settings, including academic, workplace and individual, and delivered via various mechanisms, such as specialist agencies and technology applications.