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Food & Fibre Careers Promotion and Pathways

Author: SED

Organisation: Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council

Published: May 2019

Country: Australia

Research type: Report

The Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council is responsible for promoting growth and addressing industry capacity constraints within the Great South coast region. Nurturing careers represents one of 8 strategic platforms being pursued by the GSCFFC and forms the focus area for this project.

Agriculture and food production in the region is of significant scale at both state and national levels. The provision of skilled labour and professionals is critical to the growth of the industry's prosperity. However current experiences indicate that food and fibre industries are not attracting the cohort of young people required. While the likely reasons for this range from skills development gaps, to a shortage of workforce to perception and image problems with industry attractiveness, it is also acknowledged that the landscape is changing. These significant changes in agriculture and food production are driving the need for much clearer focus on building skills and career pathways requirements so as to better support the industry into the future.

This project seeks to confirm the current landscape and build sufficient evidence to enable intervention in the current trajectory and direct a new more integrated approach.