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Future capability needs for the primary industries in New Zealand

Author: Infometrics; Nimmo-Bell Company Ltd.

Organisation: Ministry for Primary Industries

Published: April 2014

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

Human capability is a core asset underpinning the achievement of each industry’s strategy. This report provides an analysis of sector trends and employment information to develop a wider understanding of the skills and capability required by the primary industries over the period to 2025, it uses analysis of industry strategies as a base for labour market modelling. The results reported here have drawn on input and feedback from relevant industry bodies, government agencies, professional bodies, and education training providers. This report has taken a whole-of-primary industries approach. It is hoped that this work will contribute to better planning for education, training, research, and industry requirements with respect to skills and capability across the value chain. It is acknowledged that expanding primary industries capabilities will extend to increasing demand for capability offshore. The success of New Zealand primary industries will necessitate increasing employment of foreign nationals in other countries, as well as the posting of New Zealand nationals offshore. Employment projections presented here, however, do not make any explicit allowance for the overseas location of workers for New Zealand primary industries as this will depend to a large extent on the specific business strategies adopted by individual enterprises.