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Hidden Links, New Opportunities - How big data and job clusters can improve the 1.2 million job matches in NZ each year

Author: AlphaBeta

Organisation: Tertiary Education Commission

Published: August 2018

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

This report seeks to improve matching in New Zealand’s highly dynamic labour market. Using big data to uncover hidden links between jobs, it provides valuable new insight to help workers and students, as well as their employers and educators, to uncover new career paths and work opportunities. By analysing a data set of unprecedented scale, we find surprising similarities in the skill profiles of occupations in New Zealand, which altogether can be grouped into six novel job clusters. The findings of this report benefit workers and students in making improved study and work choices, but they can also help employers in finding suitable workers faster to ameliorate skills shortages. Lastly, the findings offer a fact base for policymakers when assessing how workers can transition from declining industries into those with strong jobs growth.