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Human capability in the primary industries: Part 2, 2004 to 2019 – qualification analysis by region

Author: Ministry for Primary Industries

Organisation: Ministry for Primary Industries

Published: March 2020

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

This report builds on the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Future capability needs for the primary industries in New Zealand (Future capability report) that was published in April 2014. The aim of this report is to monitor how the primary industry workforce is changing over time. This report should be read in conjunction with Human capability in the primary industries: Part 1, which describes the methodology used and provides analysis of the primary industries at a national level. Consistent with Part 1, the qualification data are based on the New Zealand Qualification Authority framework and the data are presented only for the age band 15 to 29. Rather than present the data by sector (for example, dairy, seafood) the data is presented by region.