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Measuring the impact of GrowingNZ - Indicators to monitor change in New Zealand's primary sector workforce

Author: Scarlatti

Organisation: Primary Industries Capability Alliance

Published: May 2017

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Quantitative

An important role of the Primary Industry Capability Alliance is to monitor trends in the workforce size and capability as these provide key indicators of the success of GrowingNZ and its member’s strategies in achieving industry capability goals. This report tracks the changes in two aspects of the Primary Industry workforce: (1) Workforce size. This monitors the changes in overall and individual primary industry sectors over time, and progress towards the strategic projections identified in The Future Capabilities needs for the primary industries in New Zealand report (April 2014). Note: the most current available data (2014) predates the formation of PICA and hence does not reflect the impact of PICA’s initiatives, however it provides a baseline against which the impact of GrowingNZ and other industry initiatives can be assessed going forward; (2) The capability of people in primary sector workforces. This monitors changes in the workforce capability over time towards the strategic objective of attracting, growing and retaining highly skilled and motivated people in the industry. Scorecards are used to describe changes in selected sectors within the primary sector workforce. As the data for these is more recent, changes may reflect GrowingNZ’s work in attracting talent as well as the as the result of other interventions and environmental factors. The results in this report have been created for research purposes form the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), managed by Statistics New Zealand.