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New Zealanders' views of the primary sector

Author: UMR Research

Organisation: Ministry for Primary Industries

Published: October 2017

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Qualitative, Quantitative.

A repeat of the 2008 study that looked at rural and urban New Zealanders’ views of rural New Zealand and the primary sector, and their comparisons to the literature and media reports. The main objectives for this study include: gaining an in-depth understanding of the beliefs and values held, across both urban and rural New Zealanders, regarding the primary sectors (agricultural, horticulture, food, fishing, aquaculture and forestry industries); exploring and identifying pathways in the development of beliefs and values; quantifying views of urban and rural New Zealanders across a range of focus areas. To answer these objectives, and in keeping with the 2008 study, a combined qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative (telephone survey) approach was used. To ensure an accurate measure of change, the sampling regime and the majority of questions have been kept as similar as possible. Some questions have been amended to reflect changes in New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) (MAF in 2008) over the last 10 years. This means for a few data points we are unable to make longitudinal comparisons