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Non-completers in industry training

Author: Alkema, Anne

Organisation: Industry Training Federation; Ako Aotearoa

Published: October 2016

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report, Qualitative.

This research explores the reasons why some industry trainees do not complete their qualifications. It was undertaken between November 2014 and May 2015 to support on-going efforts to consider interventions to improve the rates of qualification completion by industry trainees and apprentices. It aims to explore the factors that are associated with apprentices and industry trainees at levels 3 and 4 not completing their qualification. The Industry Training Federation (ITF) and a consortium of all 12 industry training organisations (ITO) explored the reasons why some industry trainees do not complete their qualifications. One hundred and fourteen non-completing industry trainees and apprentices were interviewed about their reasons for and the factors that contributed to the non-completion of their qualifications. This research concluded that more, although not all, trainees can continue when there are appropriate interventions to deal with the employer, system and trainee factors that impede qualification completion. Largely the interventions recommended from this study relate to employer and system factors, but it is also worth considering the extent to which trainees are willing or able to utilise such interventions.