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Pathways into Primary Industries - Phase One Report

Author: Eve Williams

Organisation: Primary ITO

Published: February 2021

The Pathways into Primary Industries (PiPI) project brings together the activities of a broad range of stakeholders into a clear direction for training and training pathways in the primary industries. This co-ordination and direction will support our industry from the impacts of COVID-19 by ensuring that their needs are listened to and mapped against what is available and what additional learning opportunities are required to meet skills shortages.

The project will design skills responses that avoid duplication, leveraging existing systems and processes across multiple TEO’s. This will support rapid implementation following the completion of this project with the clear allocation of roles and responsibilities between industry, the WDC’s, NZIST, CoVE, and TITO’s.

It is expected as a result of the project the Primary Industries will have fewer barriers to entry, and higher retention rates leading to greater numbers of New Zealanders in sustained employment and training. PiPI will identify the areas of greatest need and gain regarding employment and capability lift across the primary sectors, enable collaboration, bringing ideas together for project scoping and design that support the objectives of this fund from a COVID-19 Response perspective, and a RoVE perspective.

This report is a deliverable of a successful application for funding from the WDC/TITO COVID-19 Response Projects Fund.