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Perceptions of Careers in the Tourism Industry - Quantitative Research Findings

Author: Edwards, Paul

Organisation: Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development; Tourism Industry NZ Trust

Published: August 2018

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Quantitative

This robust online research project builds on the qualitative focus group research undertaken by the research agency Angus & Associates, covering four NZ cities: Auckland, Rotorua, Nelson and Christchurch. While the qualitative findings provided a broad insight into the key issues surrounding young people’s perceptions towards careers in tourism, this online quantitative research provides further investigation into the key issues surrounding perceptions of young people towards careers in the T&H industry. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on perspectives from various respondent groups, in order to facilitate effective development and delivery of initiatives for careers in the industry.

The primary purpose of this research is to establish an understanding on how young people in New Zealand view careers in the T&H industry. This can then be leveraged upon for development of initiatives and approaches to entice more young New Zealanders into opportunities and work in the industry.