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Primary Industries Workforce Scan

Author: Infometrics

Organisation: Primary ITO

Published: March 2017

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report, Qualitative, Quantitative.

Qualitative and quantitative research (including labour market insights) to develop an evidence based Workforce Scan for the Primary Sector. Primary ITO commissioned research, carried out surveys of workplaces, and collated data from industry partners. The document summaries the workforce trends, issues and risks that the primary industries are facing collectively, and within each industry in the sector. The action plans developed in response to workplace trends, will consider how we future proof our workforce through: (1) attraction and retention – ensuring that there is a pipeline of the right people into the sector and that they stay in their roles for a reasonable period; (2) using skills effectively – ensuring that businesses and the sector makes the best possible use of the skills people have; (3) developing skills and capabilities – ensuring that people have access to education and training that meets sector needs.