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Primary Sector Science Roadmap

Author: Infometrics

Organisation: Ministry for Primary Industries

Published: June 2017

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

Te Ao Tūroa – the Primary Sector Science Roadmap (the Roadmap) has been designed to strengthen New Zealand’s bioeconomy. It provides an integrated 10 to 20 year outlook on the science needs and opportunities of most importance to protect, grow and enhance New Zealand’s primary sector, and support the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The Roadmap identifies four areas that science needs to support, eight science themes that contribute to these, and summarises the most pressing areas where research focus and science capability development are required. Figure 1 outlines these components of the Roadmap, highlights their interconnectedness, and indicates where they are located within the document. This Roadmap has been developed to provide a shared view of New Zealand primary sector science and technology needs that will give direction to strategy and investment decision-making by funding agencies, research and development providers, industry, and government departments. It provides a starting point for discussions and decisions needed to develop more aligned and optimal science capability, knowledge and tools for New Zealand’s primary sector.