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Review Into Agricultural Education And Training In New South Wales

Author: Pratley, Jim

Organisation: NSW Government

Published: July 2013

Country: Australia

Research type: Report

This Review was initiated because of concern about the shortage of young people choosing careers in agriculture. It follows parliamentary enquiries federally and in Victoria, and looks specifically at the situation in New South Wales. However, it can be expected that at least some of the matters raised have application nationally. There needed to be a context for the Report and so a vision statement was drafted that assumed that the agriculture sector was ambitious and wanted to capitalise on the opportunities created by global food security and developments in Asia. The Review was then able to focus on improvements across the scope of the investigation. The particular issue was concern about the inability of the agricultural sector to attract new people, particularly young people. This required the Review to look more closely at the community perceptions of agriculture, the career advice to school students and the workforce agenda across all aspects of the sector. Several factors became key components of the Review: the lack of awareness by students about food and fibre; the perceptions about agriculture and the opportunities therein; the importance of early engagement with students about key issues; concerns about the teaching of science and therefore agriculture in the primary schools; the need for provision of quality teaching and learning materials to schools