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Understanding decision making that leads to careers in the Primary Industries

Author: Colmar Brunton

Organisation: Primary Industries Capability Alliance

Published: December 2016

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Qualitative, Quantitative.

This research was focused on secondary school students, with objectives to: (1) establish a baseline of secondary school students’ current levels of awareness and consideration of, and attitudes towards careers in the primary industries; (2) understand the things that influence their career decision making and what would lead them into tertiary-level study related to the primary industries and in to primary industry careers. The Future Capability Report has previously identified that in order to achieve growth targets, there is a need to attract a large number of highly skilled people into primary sector careers. There is a need to set baseline measures for the awareness, understanding, attractiveness, and consideration of careers in the primary sector. Beyond this there is a need to understand what it would take to shift each of those factors (awareness, understanding, attractiveness, and consideration) in favour of the primary sector.

The full report is available to PICA members.