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Workforce redeployment - social research with primary industry considerers

Author: The Navigators

Organisation: Ministry for Primary Industries

Published: June 2020

Country: New Zealand

Research type: Report

The primary industry sector has a shortfall of workers across many roles and fields. There is a huge and time-critical opportunity to attract people made unemployed by COVID-19 (in particular those from tourism and hospitality) into primary sector training and jobs before they find work in other sectors or begin retraining for non-primary sector roles. 

To help with this, MPI seeks to understand how best to create awareness and promote opportunities in the primary sector to encourage jobseekers into immediate roles, training roles and longer-term roles.

A campaign will be the front end of an attraction and recruitment programme (whilst educating what the primary industries are) run by MPI in conjunction with primary sector groups. The marketing programme’s main role is to make jobseekers aware of the needs of the primary sector and encourage them into training and roles both in the immediate and longer term.

A workforce redeployment campaign will be launched to entice target audiences into the primary sector – either into immediate roles (such as in dairy and forestry) or into training and/or long-term career opportunities.