"The research forum helped me get up to speed with the latest research and was a valuable networking opportunity."

- secondary school deputy headmaster


Keep up to date with the latest research into capability building by attending our annual Research Forum or searching our online Research Resource.

Research Forum

We host an annual, one-day research forum focused on recent research into the building of our workforce to meet the future needs of New Zealand’s food & fibre sectors.

Research Forum 2021


Research Forum 2019


Research Forum 2018


Research Forum 2017


Research Resource

Search our Research Resource for case studies, research papers, reports and sources of data relating to building capability, including PICA-commissioned research.

If you are aware of a research paper relevant to any of NZ's food & fibre sectors and would like it included on this page, please email info@growingnz.org.nz

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Found 97 of 97 research papers