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St Paul’s Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business Developmental Evaluation - Progress Report

Author: Calderwood, Dr Richard
Organisation: Wilf Malcom Institute of Educational Research, University of Waikato
Published: November 2016
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The focus for the developmental evaluation of the Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business/Agribusiness programmes at St Paul’s Collegiate School in 2015/16 has been on developing an understanding of why students had chosen to be involved in the programmes and their perceptions of the programmes after completing two years of study. Students in each of programmes were surveyed at the beginning of each year to ascertain their reasons for being involved in one of the four programmes. This report provides a detailed comparison of student responses in the 2015/16 years. Commentary is provided on the similarities and differences of the student responses in each of the two years. The report details aspects such as subjects taken in the previous year, time taken to enrol, sources of enrolment information, factors influencing enrolment decisions, subjects complementing programme subjects, demographics, respondent residential location, caregiver occupations and the likelihood that respondents will engage in occupations in agricultural related industries in the future.
Country: New Zealand
Research type: Report