There's a future for every talent in our innovative food & fibre sectors.

Teachers' Day Out

Since 2014, GrowingNZ has been sharing with teachers all over New Zealand the many exciting career opportunities and pathways available to students in our innovative food & fibre sectors.

A professional development day

Our GrowingNZ Teachers’ Day Out is a professional development day especially for teachers, careers advisors, and transition educators where we visit a selection of businesses and organisations in your region. With a focus on science, technology and business, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to take a closer look at your local food & fibre sectors and the diverse range of roles and career pathways it offers.

Meeting local producers, organisations and young professionals

By meeting local producers, organisations and young professionals who have taken different education and training pathways and hold a diverse range of roles in our food & fibre sectors, you’ll hear different perspectives first-hand that you can share with your students back in your classroom.

FIVE events planned for 2021 

We are planning to host five events in November 2021, in the following regions. Dates and venues tbc.

Bay of Plenty
Hawke's Bay
North Canterbury
North Otago

This is a FREE event – transport, morning tea, and lunch are provided. 

If you would like to find out more information about the events, please get in touch.

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